2010-04-03 Film about Lithuania

Travel Channel International has created a half hour movie about Lithuania as one of ESSENTIALS series. This programme is a perfect introduction of the country. "Essential Lithuania" gives a short glimpse into todays culture, unique traditions and tourist attractions. It captures different sights of Lithuania: todays capital Vilnius, modern and beutiful city; unique castle of Trakai,...

2008-04-23 New language of group is growing every day - we released new version of the website in Russian: The information about Lithuanian towns and villages is now available for Russian speaking visitors of Lithuania.If you know 2 of our website languages (Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian), you could help us to develop this resource....

2008-04-08 - for the polish tourists family is growing! A new polish version of the website has been released - Polish visitors of our country will find there quite much information about Lithuania, its cities, towns and villages. If you live in Lithuania and you speak polish, we invite you to join our team and...

2007-10-31 Release of

Today we officially release the website about Lithuania - It is the website, which contains information about Lithuanian cities, towns, villages and places to visit. We hope, that this information will be useful for the tourists in Lithuania and encourage them to visit not only the biggest cities, but also all the other nice places in...

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