Ginučiai village
Tree on the top of Ladakalnis hill


Ignalinos mun.

Between Almajas and Sravinaitis lakes there is Ginučiai village. It was first mentioned in 1554. In 1870 here lived only 66 inhabitants, in 1959 – already 206 inhabitants, but now – only 50 inhabitants live here.

It was the center of kolkhoz in 1959. Water mill, lumber mill, medicine centre and elementary school was here. In 1962 library was opened in Ginučiai.

Laird Gimžauskas opened here the Water mill. Soon here was opened small lumber mill. In 1968 the machinery broke down and the mill was closed. Later the Mill was reconstructed and now it is protected by state as technology monument.

Near the village there is Linkmenas Lake and next to it – Ginučiai mound.

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