Ginučiai mound

Next to the Linkmenas Lake stands Ginučiai mound. Archeological findings show, that people lived here from II – I centuries BC.

It is believed, that on this oblong, almost 30 meters high hill stood Linkmenai castle, which was the part of Lithuania defensive system in XIII-XV centuries. Castle was burned by Knights of Sword in 1433.

Antanas Smetona, first Lithuanian President liked to visit Ginučiai mound. When he was celebrating his 60 years birth day, he planted here an oak in 1934. Next to the oak border policements build memorial stone. But in 1956 Soviet government cut down the oak and rolled the stone to Linkmenas Lake. But in the year 1989 Vilnius marcher club found the stone and put it back on the mound. The memorial board was restored in 1997 and the oak was planted on Ladakalnis slope.

View of quondam castle on Ginučiai moundStairs to the top of Ginučiai moundView on the foot of Ginučiai mound
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