Water mill

Ginučiai water mill was built in XIX century. Original mill machinery is preserved - water weel, millstone, sack uplift mechanism. This mill is technology monument and there is exposition inside where the path of grains from field to the table as bread is shown.

In XIX century the mill was built by Linkmenai manor owner Gimžauskas, who had to give half of mill to the villagers after the conflict, which arose because the mill caused grassland flood. After the death of Gimžauskas, village owned all mill and rented it. In year 1935 it was rented by Dagys, who changed the wooden wheel to metal turbine and installed second turbine, which produced electricity to the village. Mill operated till 1968.

Water mill was reconstructed in 1978, but all the original mechanisms remained.

Watermill in Ginučiai village
Watermill in Ginučiai villageWatermill in Ginučiai village
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