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Rokiškio mun.

Kamajai village, which is located on river Šetekšna in Rokiškis municipality, currently has around 700 residents. Kamajai manor was first first mentioned in 1541 and from 1594 it was owned by the Tyzenhauzai family. In 1610 the manor was already accommodating 16 families, 72 people. In 1635 the first wooden church was built and in 1660 Kamajai was given the privileges of a village.

The famous Lithuanian writer Antanas Strazdas moved there in 1820 to become a priest in a local church. In 1833 he died and was buried in Kamajai.

1944 marks a great fire during which a large part of central Kamajai was destroyed. During the soviet times Kamajai became the centre of farming region.

Since 1983 Kamajai annually hosts a traditional autumn feast “Kuc kuc Kamajuos”.

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