St. Joseph church

Kėdainiai church and its belfry was began by Carmelite monks in 1703, but local people were reformists and were against this church. Because of that, church was finished only in 1766. After the First World War church was used only for schoolchildren prayers and from 1963 till 1991 it was closed and used as a warehouse. In the year 1991 it was reconstructed according to the project of architect D. Juozėnas. After reconstruction, it was redeemed to the congregation.

Church stands on the river bank of Nevėžis. It is wooden, baroque style and has two towers. Inside there is 3 naves and some pictures from XVIII century. There is a wooden belfry churchyard.

Saint Joseph church in KėdainiaiTower of the Saint Joseph church in KėdainiaiThe roof of the Saint Joseph church in Kėdainiai
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