Cross in a crossing, Nemėžis
Mosque of Nemėžis


Vilniaus mun.

Nemėžis is an old Muslim tartar settlement. Tartars settled here in 11th century. In 1684 the mosque was build here, but later it burned down. Now there is a mosque in Nemėžis, built in 1909. The tartar cemetery, located around the mosque, is still in use.

Today there are 120 tartar still living in Nemėžis, tartar traditions is still alive here.

In 16th century the Nemėžis manor was built. In different ages it was undercontrol of all most famous Lithuanian noblemen: Radvilos, Sapiegos, Chodkevičiai, Oginskiai, and Tiškevičiai. The manor buildings, what are standing today, were built by Mykolas Tiškevičius in 1836. Although the buildings survived, the park with nice parkways was destroyed while the road Vilnius - Minsk was being built.

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