Nemėžis manor

It is believed that history of Nemėžis manor starts already in the times of Lithuanian duke Vytautas the Great. Nemėžis might be the place of one of his castles. Today’s manor was built only in 19th century, when Mykolas Tiškevičius acquired it. He built the classical 2-storey building, set up the park. In the 1860 here was the main manor; there was the chapel in the second floor and the warehouses in the third. Also there were some outhouses, water mill, creamery and brewery. In the 20th century M.Bochvicas bought the manor and made three ponds for the fish breeding out of lake in the park. After the war manor was assigned to the kolkhoz.

In the end of 20th century all people was evicted from the manor and the buildings were privatized. During the construction of Vilnius-Minskas road, the beautiful park was destroyed and the manor was separated from the village.

Now the main house of the manor stands on the high slope next to the road to Minskas. It is surrounded by the remains of the park and some outdoor buildings left.

In the year 2006 the manor was bought by one company, which is planning to establish here the hotel and the center for conferences and entertainments.

Nemėžis estate.Nemėžis estate.Nemėžis estate.Nemėžis estate.
Nemėžis estate.Nemėžis estateHousehold building of Nemežis estate.
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