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Rokiškio mun.

Obeliai is a town next to the Obeliai Lake. In Lithuanian language "Obelis" is an apple tree.

Obeliai is first mentioned in the year 1509. The first church was build herein 1639. Town started to develop more actively in 1873, when the railroad was built here. But almost all town burned in the fire in 1899 - only 10 houses left.

The city rights were granted to Obeliai in 1956.

The people of Obeliai are known as an active community. One of the first labour strike took place in Obeliai in 1896. Also the town is known as a host of interesting cultural events. Every year on the second weekend of September the festival „Obelinė“ takes place in Obeliai. It is a festival of culture and sports and the main event is the fire sculptures' park.

hiya all, sorry i dont speak the language, i am living with peter balciunas son of vladas balciunas 29th april 1920, he was from this area and we are planning a trip to europe in the summer we would like to visit his home town. we would also love to learn about his family and if any still survive and live in the area. thanks chelle
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