Švenčionių mun.

Reškutėnai village (also known as Raškutėnai, Rieškutėnai) is situated in Aukštaitija National Park near Kretuonykštis Lake.

Old people say, that village name came from 18 lame soldiers, who were settled here after some war. In Lithuanian, lame is “raišas”, so the village was called Raiškutėnai.

Village is mentioned in documents in XIX century. There were 18 houses and 143 inhabitants in the village.

In 1911 the elementary school was opened here, but lectures were in Russian. In 1918 Lithuanian elementary school was opened, though Poles closed it in 1933.

Today elementary school works in village. School has a museum of history and art from this area.

There is St. Isidore Church in the village. It was built in 1923.

In 1943 there was a big fire in Reškutėnai, 75 houses burned down. But the church and the school survived.

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