Reškutėnai museum

There is the Nalšia museum branch in Reškutėnai, also called Reškutėnai museum. Exposition associated to this area is gathered in the museum.

Museum was established in 1974. Reškutėnai school teacher Izidorius Kazakevičius opened a small exposition in one of the school buildings. It was only 3 rooms’ museum first, but later it expanded to whole building and later – to the nearby woodshed, which was adjusted to the museum.

In 1994 new expositions of archaeological findings and local weavers’ works was opened. In 1998 exposition of sacral clothing and accessories was opened. In 2003 a new exposition in one of today’s school classes was opened. It is ancient handicraft exposition, and old but working loom stands there.

In 2004 there were more than 2000 exhibits in the museum. Here one can find Lithuanian publications of different times, stories of people from this area, music instruments, old household goods and tools of trade, archaeological findings, stones, pictures, textiles, currency, photos and so on.

There are some unusual exhibits, such as meteorite, old parchment with Hebraic symbols, wooden wheel of Napoleon army cannon, debris of the plane, which crashed nearby…

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