Utena mun.

Šuminai village is settled on the Baluošis Lake bank in Aukštaitija National Park. In 1784 this settlement was mentioned as Pabaluošė, later it had other names - Smaldiškės, Smalgiškės, Užubaluošė and only in XX century it was named Šuminskai, by the name of inhabitants.

It is believed, that people lived in this place long before 1784. First knowledge about this place is found in the inventory of Linkmenai in 1554 year. The village was the property of Ažvinčiai manor.

Šuminskai came to this place in XVIII century. In 1839 here already lived 16 inhabitants, in 1851 - 21 inhabitants, and in 1903 - 58 inhabitants. Now only 15 inhabitants live in Šuminskai and all of them have the second name Šuminskai.

There are only a few buildings from XIX century left. One house, build by the first Šuminskai, and some outhouses. Also one very old pine grows in the village.

One of the houses hosts an exposition of fisherman’s house.

Šuminskai are also famous as a place, were Lithuanian movie about Tadas Blinda (fictional hero of villagers, similar to Robin Hood) was shot.

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