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Train station in Švenčionėliai


Švenčionių mun.

Švenčionėliai town is situated in Švenčionys municipality. River Žeimena floats through the town. It is very green and full of nature town, so many tourists from other parts of Lithuania comes there on holidays. There are about 7 thousand inhabitants in Švenčionėliai.

The name of the town comes from nearby biggest town Švenčionys. For some time Švenčionėliai was called the New Švenčionys.

Nobody knows, when exactly the settlement was established here. The oldest document, related to Švenčionėliai is dated year 1686. It is the inventory, which shows, that Švenčionėliai was part of Juodiškis manor.

Švenčionėliai grown up after the railway Petrograd-Warsaw was built through the town. In 1899 narrow railway from Lentupys to Panevėžys was built in the town and Švenčionėliai became the crossroad of the railways.

In 1900 Švenčionėliai burned down, but soon it was rebuilt. In 1907 wooden church was built here. In 1920 Švenčionėliai was granted town rights.

From the end of XIX century industry started to settle in Švenčionėliai. From 1894 the locomotive repair workshop was working in town. During the First World War power station was built here. In 1924 the factory of matches was opened.

Švenčionėliai suffered the terror of both World wars. In 1941, 8 thousand Jewish people were killed in the wood near Švenčionėliai.

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