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Švenčionių mun.

Švenčionys is settled in an unique valley on both side of Kuna river. Old road from Russia to Prussia goes through town. First time Švenčionys mentioned in historical documents in 1486, but it is believed, that Švenčionys was the center of area already in XIII century. In XV century there was a manor of Vytautas here. During 1392-1414 Vytautas built Švenčioniai church. Also he moved here many Tatar people and city became the center of crafts.

In 1800 town hall was established in Švenčionys and town got the self-government rights. In 1812 Napoleon and his army stopped in Švenčionys while coming back from Russia.

Švenčionys inhabitants were active in revolt of 1831. It is believed, that czar's army was hanging rebels in the nearby hill, which is called the mountain of Kartuvės (gallows) now.

Town was know as crafts and trade center during all times. In 1883 herbs factory was established here.

Švenčioniai name is mentioned in the famous novel by Russian writer Tolstoy „War and Piece“.

Now the All Saints church, the orthodox church stand in Švenčionys. Also there is Nalšia museum in town.

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