Holy Spirit Church

Vilnius Holy Spirit Church stands in the Old town, in Dominikonai Street. It is the late baroque style church, also called Dominican Church, because it belonged to Dominican monastery. Church has one of the oldest organs in Lithuania.

It is polish catholic church – Mass are held in polish.

First church in this place was built in 1323. Later Duke Vytautas ordered to build here gothic Holy Spirit Church. In XVI century church was rebuilt and Dominican monastery settled in nearby building. In the XVII century church was two times on fire and it was rebuilt again. But again in XVIII century it was on fire for 4 times and only walls survived after the fire. In 1770 m. it was rebuilt and enlarged again, and the monastery was rebuilt a bit later - in 1776.

In the year 1844 the monastery was closed down. Monastery building was occupied by institutions and inhabitants. Also the prison was establish there.

Holy Spirit Church became the parish church.

The Pope John Paul II visited this church in 1993, during his visit to Lithuania.

Church has amazing underground maze of catacombs. It was a burial place, were plenty of plague and war victims were buried. Their coffins and remains are still here under the church. In 1943 students of Vilnius University tried to clean and explore the catacombs. They also guided excursions to catacombs.

There are stories about the ghost, who live in catacombs. It was seen during the revolt of 1863. Some people say that it is a ghost of knight, who was buried alive in the catacombs.

Now catacombs are closed for public.

Holy Spirit Church in VilniusHoly Spirit Church in VilniusHoly Spirit Church in VilniusHoly Spirit Church in Vilnius

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