Kairėnai manor

Kairėnai manor was first mentioned in the year 1545. Isaikovskiai family built here Renaissance style one-storey wooden manor and formed the park. In the 18th century the manor was rebuilt, the park and ponds were renovated by Lopacinskai who owned the manor in these times. But in the end of 18th century the mansion and some outhouses burned. New manor was build, and the chapel was build in the place, there old manor was standing.

During the First World War the manor was badly destroyed - wooden mansion and some other buildings was demolished. From 1933 to 1974 the psycho-neurological hospital was working in the manor. In 1794 the manor was assigned to Vilnius university botanic garden. Chapel, which was functioning till 1945, was demolished in 1982.

Today's mansion is a rebuilt stabling. It has some romanticism architecture elements. There are some other buildings left.

Vilnius Kairėnai Manor. It was the stable at first, later it became a manor house.Servant house in Kairėnai Manor, Vilnius

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