Vilnius TV tower

TV tower is the biggest building in Vilnius and in whole Lithuania. It was built in 1981 and is 326,5 meters high. It weights 25-30 thousand tons. The author of its project is V. Obydovas.

The building of the tower started in 1974 and continued for 7 years. The trunk of the tower is 190 meters high (18 floors). Its diameter in the down part is 15 meters, and  in the upper part – 8 meters. Walls are 50 - 30 centimetres thick.

There is a disk form part of tower on the trunk. It is in 160 meters height and weights 3500 tons. In this part there is a restaurant and the sightseeing area. The floors of the restaurant and sightseeing area are turning round, so you can view all panorama, standing in one places. It goes all around in 45 minutes.

There are 917 steps between down and the disk part of the tower. Every year there is a maratone of climbing these stairs up the tower. 

The TV tower was the centre of dramatic events in the 13th of December, 1991. It this the time, then Lithuania gained independence and Russians were on the way to occupy some strategic buildings and cause disorder in the country. There was a peaceful and not armed demonstration, guarding the tower from Russians. Russian forces took over the TV tower by attacking an unarmed crowd and by going with tanks over people. 14 people died and 600 were injured during that night events at TV tower. Now the tower hosts a museum, dedicated to these events.

Television tower in VilniusBird's-eye view of Vilnius from television towerBird's-eye view of Vilnius from television tower. You can see river Neris.Vingis park, situated in the curve of Neris river in Vilnius
Shadow of television tower in Vilnius

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